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DISH Network Programming Packages

There is no shortage of options when it comes to wanting Dish Network packages. They come with a variety of possibilities and the hardest part of choosing is just how much do you want to pay? Well, how much you want to pay and which channels you really want to watch. Are you a sports fan or more of a movie buff? Do you have kids that just have to have certain channels?

The good news is that DISH Network packages are the most affordable of all of the TV providers around the nation. They are leaps and bounds above cable providers, and when it comes to other satellite tv companies often times our customers end up saving between 25-35% on their monthly bill by switching to DISH Network! Want to make sure you find the right option for you and your family? Let us do the hard work for you! Our reps are experts in matching our customers needs to the packages and prices that they want. Feel free to call us today and we’ll go over all that is involved in becoming a part of the DISH Network family and start enjoying the savings!


Dish Network Packages | What’s Included

As you look into Dish Network Packages, it is important to compare ones that might be of interest to you. That way you can really see what is available and what best suits you. One of the most economical packages they have starts at only $14.99 a month. They call it the ‘Welcome Package.’ This is great for a budget, but you will be missing a few channels like that of Nickelodeon. If you have kids, that might not work well. For about $25 more a month, you can get the America’s Top 200 package. This is definitely great for the sports buff because you receive channels like the MLB Network, NFL Network and Regional Networks depending on where you live. Plus, right now you could get a free Hopper with this package, which makes recording those programs a cinch.

Now, if you have no budget issues whatsoever and are just looking for some great programming, then feast your eyes on this: America’s “Everything” Pak. The name literally speaks for itself. For starters, this package contains over 320 top channels including around 30 commercial-free movie channels. For the musical teens in the house, it also includes 70 of the Sirius XM channels, which means commercial free music. This package also consists of the free installation of the Hopper and you can try the Blockbuster @Home for 3 months free. So, not only do you have movie channels but you can rent movies as well.

These Dish Network packages are only three of the many available. You could even make your own package, if you wanted to. Just be aware that you might have to pay more than those starting prices named above by doing that. This is because the Dish Network packages they already offer are done so at a discounted rate for one year. Which does mean that when looking at the packages, be sure to note the ‘everyday price’ so you won’t be surprised in the future. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t change your Dish Network packages if you wanted to.

The prices won’t be there forever, so if you want to take advantage of one of the great Dish Network packages, you need to soon. Of course, when these deals disappear there will be others. It’s just not a guarantee that they will be as good as if you locked yourself in now. For instance, in a few weeks they may not offer the Hopper with your package. If you have a busy lifestyle, then the Hopper is a necessity. Finding the best television for you will happen with Dish Network, if you take the time to look at all their great Dish Network Packages!