Dish Internet

Dish Internet

Streaming quality not so great? What’s the use of having thousands of shows and movies ready to stream anytime if your internet connection can’t handle it? Don’t waste your time on old technologies and slow internet – make the switch to DISH Internet and see the DISH difference.

Dish Internet Serivce

Using the latest satellite internet technology to provide incredible speeds in places other internet service providers won’t dare to go, DISH satellite internet is one of the fastest, most reliable internet options around. Just check out what you can do with DISH:
Meet your new nephew: with DISH, high-definition video chat with friends and family anywhere in the world
Get photos from your aunt: send and receive photos of your latest family reunion, high school graduation, wedding or just a fun weekend with friends in seconds
Stay on top of breaking news: join the first to know when history-making news happens (or just keep up with celebrity gossip – we won’t tell)
Plus, with access to instant streaming of thousands of movies and shows on the internet, you can spend time with your favorite characters whenever you want. Download the latest hit singles from iTunes, watch a classic movie on Netflix, or check out the newest round of viral videos on YouTube – it’s all up to you, and it’s all at blazing fast speeds.
Don’t get left in the dust. Make the switch to DISH satellite internet today and see the difference DISH makes.

DISH Internet Savings

Here’s a sad truth: you’re probably spending too much on internet.
With the way most internet companies offer their internet packages, you’ll often pay for bandwidth you simply don’t need. That’s like buying pants that are too big “just in case.”
Instead, with DISH, you get a package that’s the right fit for your needs. Want faster speeds? DISHnet has that. Don’t need as much streaming? DISH has you covered there, too. Plus, when you bundle your DISH internet with satellite television, you save even more.*
Customer Service that Actually Serves

When you become a DISH customer, you’re not just getting incredible satellite that sets the industry standard – you’re also getting access to DISH’s legendary, 24/7 live customer service. No more waiting for hours on the phone to speak to an automated system. With DISH, you actually get to speak to a human being who knows what they’re doing. If you have internet trouble, simply give DISH a call, and a real person will be there to help you every time.
Don’t just take our word for it. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranked DISH higher than DIRECTV and the top cable providers in Value, Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction in 2012, continuing a legacy of fantastic customer service.
Get DISH now by calling 800-444-2124 to speak to a DISHmaster representative and get the best deals on DISH.
Why Else Should I Switch to DISH Satellite Internet?

Need more reasons to make the switch the DISH? Check out the following:
An incredible value – save even more money when you bundle DISH high-speed internet with DISH TV.
The Best Whole-Home DVR – With twice as much recording space and that ability to automatically skip commercials, other DVRs don’t even compare to the Hopper
Custom Package Sizes – Find the internet package that’s the right fit for your needs. Don’t spend a lot of time downloading? Why pay more for internet you don’t use? With DISH, you get the perfect fit.
Why Can’t I Just Use Cable Internet, DSL or Dial-Up?

Sure, you can go with a cable or DSL internet provider – if you want to pay too much for unreliable internet and bad customer service. Here’s why DISH is your best option:
Bundle up! Increase your savings and get the best television programming by bundling your internet with DISH network television.
Blocky internet streaming? That’s not a problem on DISH. With DISH Network, your internet speeds are consistent, meaning you get to enjoy HD streaming** every time.
High speed anywhere – really! Live in a rural area and still want to enjoy high-speed internet? With 4G speeds, DISH satellite internet is a solution for anyone just about anywhere.
Don’t wait or spend any more time enduring bad internet. Call at 800-444-2124 to order DISH Network NOW and enjoy the best TV has to offer at a price you can’t beat!
*savings available on select packages. See individual plan information for details.
**HD programming claims apply only to video, channels and shows broadcast in high-definition.