TV Everywhere™

TV Everywhere™


Never Miss A Show When Your On The Road

We have all been in a situation when we just aren’t able to make it to our home tv in time for our favorite sitcom, sporting event, or other tv show. Well don’t ever be caught in that sitation again. With TV Everywhere™, you can stream your favorite DISH network channels , with your favorite shows directly to your mobile device!

Gone are the days of standing around the water cooler and feeling out of the loop because you missed your favorite show. Now you never have to miss another one of your favorite DISH network shows again, because they are always in the palm of your hand!


DISH Network TV Everywhere™

TV Everywhere™ brand technology is now available with DISH.  You can watch the same live channels and shows from home, anywhere you have Internet access. Take advantage of the ever increasing speeds on your smart phone or tablet, and stream live to the second content to your phone. In a boring class, In a meeting that just wont seem to end, waiting to pick someone up at the airport ? Well with TV Everywhere you don’t have to think of it as a boring chore any longer. Just pop in some headphones and you might as well be sitting in your living room enjoying your favorite show. Call us today to find out more about DISH Network TV Everywhere

DISH online and DISH VOD

DISH Customers can login to DISH Online and watch thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies on their computer. Searching for programs and scheduling recordings is not all. You can also rent over 2,000 movies to watch on your DISH DVR. With the DISH Remote Access App you can schedule, edit and delete your recordings from anywhere directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.


Tv Everywhere Through SLING Technology

Use your Sling Adapter to view Live TV content on your mobile device with an internet connection. Watch your favorite programs regardless of where you are. With Sling and TV Everywhere you can rest assured that you are never more than a couple clicks or finger swipes away from viewing your favorite tv shows on your mobile device. Once you have experienced TV Everywhere by DISH network you won’t remember how you got along with out it ! Don’t miss out, get TV Everywhere!